Don’t stANd, CEase and assist

I danced for quite a large chunk of my childhood, so it’s a little interest of mine. I was snagged by the topic of dance here, and how it’s a personal expression of emotion rather than an art to entertain. This concept…it’s really not so different from American dance, or dance from any country I’ve taken a glance at. I feel as though dance has always been used for expression, whether in groups or a singular person, from ballet to kabuki.

But theĀ amountĀ of reverence held in regards to the dance certainly does fluctuate. I was told a story about how a fight broke out because a man clapped while another danced, insulting the dancing man’s self expression (I believe that’s what he did. Either that, or a began dancing along side him, I can’t remember which). In the midst of the fight, the impeding man was killed.

A little extreme, no? Perhaps it has something to do with the display of masculinity, of power in Greece and how important it is to exude such control.