It’s Showbiz

When I went to the tattoo parlor, the man behind the needle admitted that most of his English came from watching MTV. I almost laughed at how cliche and sad that was, learning a language via a mainstream and poorly cultured television show. But, then, I suppose it’s sort of cool, too…that something as trivial as MTV could affect an individual so much.

What’s more is how popular American television is, or how it appeared to be from my conversation with other Greeks. Not just that, but nearly every movie store I came across sold American movies, most in Greek subtitles. I was told that the majority of movies are not dubbed, the near only exception being animated films.

I already knew that America was a hub for cinematic entertainment, but I wonder why that is exactly? When I think back on it, I guess that it probably has to do with the men in the early 20th century, who initially created and fostered the technology behind cinema, most whom resided in America. But then…why haven’t other countries expanded as much as we have?

They have. As I’ve been writing down my thoughts on this, I’ve been looking up the information behind my musings. Greece has quite a variety of movies, stemming back from just as early as America. The same goes for many other countries as well. My ignorance to the vibrant history of cinema in not only Greece, but just about every other country only serves to depict what little I really know about anything other than myself and what goes on outside the close proximity of my interests.

This is a perfect example of why I chose to go on this trip, which is to at least have a taste of something beyond myself.


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