The Dog Days Are NOT Over

So some dogs chased Charlie today. She went to pet it (which really wasn’t a great idea, but he DID look sorta nice) and he basically growled and chased her a bit. There are a lot of stray animals here, primarily cats and dogs and especially dogs. Most of them are sickly looking, mangy, and definitely not owned by any singular person. What I mean by that is that some of these dogs are owned communally, by neighborhood. Some have collars, some don’t, some are friendly, some aren’t. There was one that followed Mary and I as we came back from shopping one evening. He had a collar on, and he didn’t snap at us, so we decided to feed him a ham sandwich and give him some water. We see food and water laid out here and there, presumably for dogs like these.

But I mean it when I say there are a lot of dogs. Why? We discussed this briefly in one of our classes, actually. The Greeks don’t spay or neuter their animals, more or less because they view the suppression of one’s sex to be demeaning. It’s against the culture, so in this case, the animals run rampant. Unfortunately, though they may view this suppression negatively, they feel just fine leaving poisoned food out to take care of the overpopulation, or so I remember hearing.

This is just another vast difference from the States, where spaying and neutering is an extreme commonality in just about every household. We still put animals down, particularly the stray ones, but I view the our population control factor as more…maybe humane isn’t the right word, but efficient certainly is.

…I feel as though I sound like some government official from a futuristic Sci-Fi flick.


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