Broken Things

I haven’t taken any pictures of the city yet. There’ a reason for that, actually: it’s not very pretty. It’s greasy and grimy and it smells funny. Like car exhaust and electrical surges and too many people. But you know what the best part is? It’s the exact same as any other city just about anywhere…not like I’d know, considering I’ve never been to a foreign city before. So let me reiterate. Athens is just like any other US city, which is dirty and overcrowded.

It was my first time in the actual city part of Athens when we went to the National Museum for our Antiquity class. It’s funny because you go from city-slicking Greeks to Tourist Fiesta by the time you hit up the museum area, which is adorned with people people from China to Britain. We’ve been twice now, and today it was unbearably hot. A dry hot with no wind, which makes it feel as though fire just might catch in between the oxygen molecules just from the friction of you moving against them.

It doesn’t work like that, I know, but the hot air even scorched my throat from a measly half mile walk. There is a difference in kinds of stores here in Greece, though. There’s more bakeries, more butchers and other specialized food stores…and of course everything is in Greek. The Museum is nice enough, lots of pretty broken pots and marble.

Don’t visit it unless you really like pottery and history. And broken things as well.


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