I hate the electricity here. Out of all the differences in facilities, from toilets to AC, the overall electricity maintenance bites. I feel like there’s a chipmunk or some other kind of rodent scurrying around between the walls, chowing down on all the wires and snickering at the unfortunate chaos that ensues in the various dorms. Something like this comes to mind:

There’s actually rolling blackouts here. Most of them are scheduled, so it’s not too terrible, but isn’t that inconvenient? In terms of groceries going bad, it’s not a big worry because of the way shopping here works. The closeness of markets makes it so people can do daily shopping, the rather small refrigerators attesting to the amount of groceries usually stocked up on (i.e. not many). It seems that the people here also rely more on open windows and doors as opposed to the AC, another energy saver for reasons aforementioned in a previous post. So food going bad and AC isn’t a big worry…well, isn’t that about all we rely on electricity for? Cooking should be considered as well, but that can be easily managed (a hurricane veteran speaking here).

When I think about all this, I guess I can see why the ‘inconvenience’ of blackouts really wouldn’t faze Greeks. And, in a roundabout way, I think they sympathize with the reasons behind the majority of the blackouts, which includes protests supporting other working classes (such as the transportation system) and other political/economic catalysts. I also wonder if the heat has anything to do with the electrical surges. There’s supposed to be some heat wave strolling along (beginning and mid July usually packs some intense heat here in Greece, or so I’ve been told).

The lack of blogging for the past three days is more or less in effect due to the lack of anything really happening. It’s basically classes…classes….work for said classes. I’ll end on that note.

Temple at the Agora

Lauren bought some dessert. Can’t remember the name of it, but I think it was Bougatsa.


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