God of the Sea

I’m tinkering with the date this is being published, so technically it’s being written on the 7th, but all the events I’m about to mention went down on the 4th. Got it memorized?

We went to the Temple of Poseidon and to the beach, sort of relaxing in comparison to everything else we’ve been doing. Mary and I, just about as soon as we got off the bus, headed to the edge of the cliffs where the Temple resided and climbed down the rocks to the water. We couldn’t actually jump into it because of all the sea urchins, but we were pleasantly surprised to see the Kaplans climbing down as well. My initial reaction was more or less “Mary, you are the sand and stone! Hide yourself!”, but it was utterly unwarranted. Apparently some previous students did the same thing, and I just sorta spazzed for no reason. Typical.

Pottery remnants that Mary and I found at the excavation site

It was cool walking through live excavations on the way back to the bus, and seeing all the pottery just scattered along the dirt. Once we left, we ate lunch and headed to the beach, which was at a club called Mojito or something along those lines. It was nestled in a little bay, where we climbed the rocks and jumped into supremely salty water. The Mediterranean it a salt bath, you have been warned. Caught a starfish, laid out in the sun, and bought some super fresh fruit juice. Plus, it was Jimmy’s and Ellie’s birthday, so later that night we had a little party and lit sparklers once it got dark out.

On a side note, it’s cool that so many structures here are still made of marble. Makes sense considering how practical it really is: it reflects the natural light that filters in through windows, making indoor lighting unnecessary during daylight. It also keeps things fairly cool, even in the brunt of a scorching sun.


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