The Burnout Inferno

So…tired…windmill…powering cities…ughhh.

The gist of this, if you haven’t caught on, is that I’m running outta fuel. I’m beat, worn out, spent, running on fumes, knackered, bushed, bone tired. Not so much from schoolwork or anything, but just from everyday chores and the trips with the Kaplans. All the walking, talking, cleaning, observing, and absorbing is wearing me thin, and I was really happy that today ended up being very, very chill. Mary and I watched a little bit of Rome and Game of Thrones before heading out to class. Yesterday was all classes, and nothing happened other than taking notes and food shopping.

Instead of cooking tonight, though, we went out to eat (yet again), and a piece of Greek culture caught my attention today just like it did when we first arrived. The dining here works a bit differently, meaning that the check usually doesn’t come unless you ask for it…and sometimes that can take a while. This is so unlike American dining, where the check comes immediately after the waiter/waitress knows you’re finished eating. We’ve discussed this in class, that the dining here is more of a social tool rather than a mode for eating: the food comes second while the conversation with family and friends comes first. This is primarily concerning cafes, but restaurants are also used in this manner. Even the type of furniture relays this aspect, most places having more couches and coffee tables rather than chairs and high tables.

Our art history professor at a rather awkward moment

Ah, and there was a little soccer match after our pot luck last night. I decided to edit a bit of the footage I got: enjoy.


One thought on “The Burnout Inferno

  1. I don’t know if you singing Ode to Maria will win any Grammys, But we all got a big kick out of it. Sounds like you need to get some seriou rest. Love Pop

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